Wilna-Champion Transportation Association

Heather Tanner, Executive Director for the Wilna-Champion Transportation Association (WCTA), presented to the RACOG board about the current status of the organization from a fiscal and operational standpoint.  The non-profit operates on a limited schedule for the seniors and disabled in the area, providing a valuable service within the community. The program operates on a tight budget, which she mentioned was made more difficult when the area was designated under the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).  She stated that being under the MPO makes the WCTA non-eligible for rural transport funding opportunities making it more difficult for a small organization like them to be competitive in getting grant funding for a new shuttle bus.  Their current shuttle bus is a 2008 Ford E450 and is need of being replaced.

Mrs. Tanner stated that she rides the bus, so that she can give the riders the care and assistance they need.  She helps them carry their groceries and assists them in many ways, that they otherwise would not get if WCTA was not around.  She is very passionate about helping the elderly and disabled.  WTCA continues to look for ways to upgrade their shuttle bus and hope they can find a solution.  They want to continue providing this valuable service to their community.