LED Lighting Conversion – National Grid

Jerry Haenlin, Mike Lammey, and Jennifer Kellish represented National Grid at the RACOG meeting on April 17, 2018.  Mike Lammey  presentated to the board about the process of converting to LEDs for municipalities.  Municipalities have the options to do a conversion, where the customer pays for the un-depreciated value of the existing lighting and equipment associated with it, but is a one time thing to get most if not all of their lights converted at one time.  The other option they a municipality can do, is what is called their opt-in option.  With this option, as National Grid needs to do replacements, they will convert over to LEDs.   This process would take a bit longer to convert all street lights over to LED, but wouldn’t cost the municipality anything.  In order for a municipality to opt-in, they need to send a written request to National Grid.  National Grid won’t automatically replaced with an LED without this letter.  It was a very informative presentation.