Origination of the

River Area Council Of Governments (RACOG)

Prepared by Kathy Riches-Amyot, Circuit Rider


Management Study


Qualities Community Grant

    1. Review plans for land use and administrative instruments in the four municipalities to produce specific recommendations for standardization of terms and provisions of land use controls, and recommendations for changes that would strengthen the desired effect of these management tools.
    2. Prepare an Intermunicipal downtown revitalization and neighborhood redevelopment plan for the villages of Carthage and West Carthage in which specific initiatives can be guided and/or supported. Both villages would participate in the development of a joint revitalization plan for their contiguous "Main Streets" from one end of one downtown area across the river to the other end of the neighboring village’s downtown.

Revitalization Initiatives

The mission of the revitalization initiatives is a living document that is designed to be flexible as it moves through the process. In general the mission is to improve the environment for investment and growth in the State Street, Broad Street, and Bridge Street areas of the community.