Organization River Area Council of Governments
Board Cooperative ZBA
Date and Time Wednesday, June 7 2017 at 7:00 PM
Place Town of Champion Offices Board Room (rear of building) 10 N Broad St, West Carthage NY
Contact Chris Vargulick Town Clerk Phone (315) 493-3240 Fax(315) 493-2900




Cooperative Zoning Board of Appeals


TO:        Members of the Co-op ZBA, T/Champion Board, T/Wilna Board, 

              V/Carthage Board, Town/Village Clerks, Zoning Enforcement Officers,

              Timothy Farley, T/Champion Attorney, Mark Gebo, T/Wilna &  

              V/Carthage Attorney and Planning Board Chairmen


FROM:    Christina Vargulick, Cooperative ZBA Secretary


DATE:     June 8, 2017


RE:          Minutes from June 7, 2017


PRESENT: D. Austin, R. Blank, M. Gump and T. Kight
ABSENT: B. Fetterly


             Chairperson Kight called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  The roll was called. 


              Motion by R. Blank, seconded by M. Gump  to dispense with the reading of the January 18, 2017 minutes and to approve the minutes as presented.  Ayes-4, Nays-0.  Motion carried.


            Chairperson Kight presented an application for an area variance submitted by Gary Workman for parcel no. 86.48-1-79 located at 16 Madison Street, West Carthage.  Mr. Workman proposes installing six foot (6’) vinyl fence that will front both Madison and High Streets.  A permit application was denied for non-compliance with Section 91-16; C3 of the West Carthage Village Code regarding the height of the fence in the front yards.


            Mr. Workman explained that the fence was to provide a security from a neighbor’s dog that had previously attacked and injured one of his children.


            T. Kight and M. Gump questioned why the fence could not be constructed to comply with the height requirement.  Mr. Workman responded that due to the size of the two dogs housed on the neighbor’s property that he did not feel that his children would be secure from the dogs.


            Board members reviewed the Village code and discussed the definition for corner lot (“a lot fronting on two streets at their intersection”) and the definition for front yard (“open and unoccupied space between the building line or front main wall of a building and the front property line…..”)  M. Gump observed that the fence, as drawn, does not extend beyond the building line on High Street.


            Motion by D. Austin, seconded by R. Blank to schedule a public hearing on an area variance for parcel no. 86.48-1-79 on Wednesday, July 5, 2017 at 7:00pm.  Ayes-4, Nays-0.  Motion carried.


Motion by M. Gump, seconded by R. Blank to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 7:45pm.


Christina Vargulick
RACOG Cooperative ZBA, Secretary