Organization Town of Champion
Board Planning Board
Date and Time Tuesday, May 23 2017 at 4:00 PM
Place Town of Champion Offices Board Room (rear of building) 10 N Broad St, West Carthage NY
Contact Peter LaBarge Planning Board Chairman


These Minutes are unofficial and have not yet been approved by the Planning Board

The Planning Board usually approves previous minutes at its next regular meeting

TO: Member of the Town Board; Members of the Planning Board; Christina





TO:        Members of the Town Board; Members of the Planning Board; Christina      

              Vargulick, Town Clerk; Peter LaBarge, ZEO, ZBA, and Timothy Farley,   

              Town Attorney


FROM:   Christina Vargulick, Secretary


DATE:    May 24, 2017


RE:         Minutes of May 23, 2017 meeting



The Town of Champion Planning Board met in regular session on Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at the Town of Champion Municipal Building, 10 North Broad Street, West Carthage.  Present were P. LaBarge, F. Brooks, F. Metzger, K. Mix, and J. Surace.


           Chairman LaBarge called the meeting to order at 4:00pm.


            Motion by P. LaBarge, seconded by F. Brooks to dispense with the reading of the minutes from March 28, 2017 and to approve the minutes as presented.  Ayes-5, Nays-0.  Motion carried.


James Uhlinger, Jr. appeared before the board to present a proposal to locate a used car lot on parcel no. 76.06-2-38.46 adjacent to and north of an existing ice cream store.  He proposes locating 6-7 cars on a gravel base. 


Chairman LaBarge pointed out that there would be no office structure, no rest room facilities, no transactions on site, and no lighting.  Therefore, in the Chairman’s opinion there was no business enterprise.  Chairman LaBarge questioned whether a gravel surface was safe and stable and wondered if without lighting, the site would be susceptible to vandalism. 


Mr. Uhlinger stated that a car lot on NYS Route 26 would provide visibility and exposure for his primary business located at 500 South Washington Street, Carthage.  He stated that contact information would be displayed on the car windows.  Additionally, he stated that he had not intended to install a sign but would consider it if the board was agreeable to the project.


K. Mix questioned if Mr. Uhlinger had a dealer’s license.  Mr. Uhlinger responded that he does but that the license requires him to conduct all transactions at his primary business location.

Chairman LaBarge stated that historically the board has not been in favor of used car lots similar to that proposed by Mr. Uhlinger due to the lack of on-site offices and staff that normally are expected for a business enterprise.  The Chairman advised Mr. Uhlinger that if he chooses to proceed with the project that he file a site plan review application and plat map.  The project would be subject to review by the County Planning Board.


            Motion by F. Metzger, seconded by J. Surace to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 4:23pm.


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May 23, 2017





I.      Call to order

II.    Approval of 3/28/2017 minutes

III.   New Business
a) Discussion: Proposed used car lot for James Uhlinger, Jr.
b) Discussion: Proposal from Eldon Glick (TBA)

IV.    Adjourn