Organization Town of Champion
Board Town Board
Date and Time Monday, May 1 2017 at 7:00 PM
Place Town of Champion Offices Board Room (rear of building) 10 N Broad St, West Carthage NY
Contact Chris Vargulick Town Clerk Phone (315) 493-3240 Fax(315) 493-2900


            The Town of Champion Town Board met in regular monthly session on Monday, May 1, 2017 at the Town Municipal Building, 10 North Broad Street, West Carthage.  Present were Supervisor Ferguson, Councilmen Stewart, Watkins, and Waite, and Highway Superintendent Sech.  Councilman Buzzell was absent.


            Supervisor Ferguson called the meeting to order at 7:00pm, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. 


            Supervisor Ferguson opened the meeting for public comment.  Jerry Wichelns, representing Copenhagen Wind Farm, submitted a letter of request to use the Boni Road Spur, a qualified abandoned road, to transport the oversized wind tower components.  Supervisor Ferguson accepted the submittal for distribution to the Board, Town Engineer, and Town Attorney for review and consideration.


            Monthly Reports


·         Engineer – Kris Dimmick reported that bids for the construction of the remaining 400’ of sewer mainline in the SD#2 Improvement project will be opened on May 10, 2017 at 3:00pm at the Town Municipal Building. 

Supervisor Ferguson referred the Board to the Inter-municipal agreement  between the Town and the Villages of Carthage and West Carthage for the remediation of contaminated soil identified earlier in the project during the excavation at or near the Sewer Treatment Plant operated by the Villages.  Motion by Mr. Waite, seconded by Mr. Stewart to approve the Inter-municipal Agreement with the Villages of Carthage and West Carthage as presented.  Ayes-4, Nays-0.  Motion carried.

Mr. Dimmick discussed the inspection of the twenty (20) year old oil/water separator at the Town Highway Barn and stated that the system is at the end of its useful life.  Mr. Dimmick recommended submitting funding applications through the NYS Consolidated Funding program for both the separator and a salt/sand storage barn.  Motion by Mr. Stewart, seconded by Mr. Waite to approve the submittal of funding applications to the Consolidated Funding program for the two proposed highway projects.  Ayes-4, Nays-0.  Motion carried.

·         Highway Superintendent – Superintendent Sech reported on the following activities during the prior month including: cold patching; road side clean up; leasing a roller; installation of road signs; brooming roads; removal of plowing equipment; equipment maintenance; and paving quotes for Wilton, Putman Hill and Boni Roads.  Mr. Sech would like to begin paving by the end of the month.  NYS CHIPS funding has slightly increase.

·         ZEO – Mr. LaBarge issued six permits in April.

·         Parks – Mrs. Thornton reported on a presentation that she attended regarding cemeteries, specifically the Town’s responsibility for abandoned cemeteries.  Mrs. Thornton recently located the Hadsall Cemetery and a memorial stone for Asa Hadsall dated 1852.  The stone was badly damaged and broken into a number of pieces.  T. F. Wright & Son Granite Foundry has generously offered to supply an engraved stone memorializing the grave site and Hadsall family.


Motion by Mr. Stewart, seconded by Mr. Waite to approve the minutes for April 3, 2017 as presented.  Ayes-4, Nays-0.  Motion carried.


Motion by Mr. Stewart, seconded by Mr. Watkins to approve the following bills as presented:

            General #104-124…………………………….$27,338.86

            Highway #58-74………………………………$38,163.75
                        Con WD#1 O&M #9-10………………………..$8,329.38

            WD#2,4&5 O&M #27-30………………………$4,461.49

            SD#2 O&M #21-23…………………………….$1,148.92

            SD#2 Capital #4…………………………………...$75.36


Ayes-4, Nays-0.  Motion carried.


The Supervisor’s report was read and discussed.  Motion by Mr. Stewart, seconded by Mr. Watkins to accept the monthly report as presented.  Ayes-4, Nays-0.  Motion carried.


Supervisor Ferguson discussed correspondence including a letter to the Jefferson County Sheriffs’ Department requesting hazardous substance training for highway employees; new State requirement for shared services to be developed by a joint county and Town Supervisor’s panel; and a USDA housing rehabilitation grant/loan program.  The Supervisor reminded members that the annual spring clean up days are scheduled for May 5 & 6 and May 12 & 13.  He also reported that the next Comprehensive Planning Committee meeting is scheduled for May 23 at 2:00pm.  Supervisor Ferguson reported that he had attended the Copenhagen Fire Department’s annual dinner and installation of officers.  The department’s training officer confirmed that all of the new officers have completed their training prior to their swearing in.


New Business


·         Motion by Supervisor Ferguson, seconded by Mr. Watkins to appoint Bruce Armstrong to the Town’s Board of Ethics.  Ayes-4, Nays-0.  Motion carried.  The other members of the Board are Lynn Murray and Henry Watkins.


Motion by Mr. Stewart, seconded by Mr. Waite to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 7:53pm.



Christina Vargulick

Christina Vargulick

Town Clerk



Regular Meeting

Town of Champion
May 1, 2017


I.         CALL TO ORDER – Pledge of Allegiance

II.              PUBLIC FORUM

     Highway Superintendent
     Town Attorney                        
     Justice Court
     Planning Board/ZEO
8.     Parks/ Historian
   Circuit Rider

IV.            TOWN CLERK
     Action: Approve minutes for April 3, 2017
            2.     Action: Approve bills for payment

1.     Monthly report
            NEW BUSINESS
Action: Authorize Supervisor to execute IMA w/Villages of West Carthage and Carthage
          2. Action:  Appoint Bruce Armstrong to Board of Ethics