Organization Town of Champion
Board Town Board
Date and Time Monday, April 3 2017 at 7:00 PM
Place Town of Champion Offices Board Room (rear of building) 10 N Broad St, West Carthage NY
Contact Chris Vargulick Town Clerk Phone (315) 493-3240 Fax(315) 493-2900


            The Town of Champion Town Board met in regular monthly session on Monday, April 3, 2017 at the Town Municipal Building, 10 North Broad Street, West Carthage.  Present were Supervisor Ferguson, Councilmen Stewart, Waite and Watkins (7:24), and Highway Superintendent Sech.  Councilmen Buzzell was absent from the meeting.


            Supervisor Ferguson called the meeting to order at 7:00pm, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.  Supervisor Ferguson opened the meeting for public comment.  No one addressed the Board.


            Monthly Report


·         Engineer – Kris Dimmick, BC&A, reported that a required conference call with NYSEFC to discuss long term financing has been scheduled.  The contract language for the IMA between the Town and the Joint Village Wastewater Board is being finalized so that work may begin on the removal of the identified “dirty dirt” and the last 400’ of mainline sewer in the Sewer District #2 improvement project.  The contractor has asked to delay the pipe work until the end of the school year.  An application for planning assistance for the extension of the sewer service into Champion Heights is dependent on the adoption of the state budget and grant funding.  Mr. Dimmick and Highway Superintendent Sech have scheduled an inspection of the oil/water separator in the town barn for this week.

·         Councilmen – Mr. Stewart reported on his attendance at the FDRLO Land Use Study presentation in Evans Mills and distributed materials from that presentation to other members of the Board.

·         Highway – Highway Superintendent Sech reported on activities for the previous month including cold patching and equipment overhaul, modification, and repair.  Mr. Sech commented on remarks made by Councilmen Buzzell and Waite at last month’s Board meeting regarding an obstructed bus turn around and County reimbursement for plowing.  Mr. Sech reported that the bus turnaround is on private property and is unavailable do to the placement of logging equipment.  In response to Mr. Waite’s assertion that Jefferson County pays an additional stipend for double blade plowing, Mr. Sech reported that the County pays per mile regardless of the equipment used.

·         Assessor – Mr. Vargulick reported that inventory and data collection is complete.  Mr. Waite questioned the values assessed for farm land.  Mr. Vargulick reported that he expects to raise farm land values by $200/acre based on current sales data for farm land. 

·         Planning Board/ZEO – Mr. LaBarge reported that the Planning Board is reviewing a site plan for a 57-unit apartment complex on NYS Route 3.  He issued two permits for new homes.

·         Circuit Rider – Ms. Amyot reported that the local government conference was well attended.  She also reported that RACOG approved a job description for the Circuit Rider and the advertisement has been placed to seek candidates to replace Ms. Amyot upon her retirement in July.


Motion by Mr. Stewart, seconded by Mr. Waite to approve the minutes for March 6 and March 17, 2017 as presented.  Ayes-3, Nays-0.  Motion carried.


Motion by Mr. Stewart, seconded by Mr. Waite to approve payment of the following bills as presented:

            General #76-103……………………………$18,564.87
                        Highway #37-57…………………………….$39,350.90

            RACOG #4-5…………………………………....$550.00

            Con WD#1 O&M #7-8………………………….$652.93

            WD#2,4&5 O&M #22-26……………………..$3,345.24
                        SD#2 Capital #3…………………………………$122.14

            SD#2 O&M #16-20………………………….$37,633.64


Ayes-3, Nays-0.  Motion carried.



            The Supervisor’s monthly report was reviewed and discussed.  Motion by Mr. Stewart, seconded by Mr. Waite to accept the Supervisor’s report as presented.  Ayes-3, Nays-0.  Motion carried.


            Supervisor Ferguson reported that the Town spring clean-up days have been scheduled for May 5 & 6 and May 12 & 13 during regular business hours.


            Supervisor Ferguson reported that the Comprehensive Planning Committee met and discussed zoning, an extension of the R-1 district on County Route 47 and North Lake Road, and historically significant properties.  The next committee meeting is scheduled for April 25, 2017 to review the draft plan and map overlays.


            Supervisor Ferguson reported that the Supreme Court of the State of New York, Appellate Division ruled unanimously to affirm the decision issued by the Supreme Court of Jefferson County (James P. McClusky, J.) entered December 16, 2016 to dismiss the petition in the matter of Jennifer Waite, David Williams, Jonathan Schell, Darrell Harris and Joseph Lawler (petitioners) v. the Town of Champion.  The appellate court determined that: 1) the majority of the electors voted for dissolution of the Champion Fire Protection District and that the Town fulfilled its duty of devising a dissolution plan; 2) the petitioners failed either to attain the requisite number of signatures to challenge the dissolution plan by referendum; 3) or to petition for the establishment of a fire district.  Supervisor Ferguson stated that he feels that it is time for the fire company to dissolve and let the equipment be utilized for its intended purpose.  L. Waite, Champion fire chief, stated that the Board followed the rules but deceived the voter.


            New Business


·         Resolution offered by Councilman Stewart; seconded by Councilman Watkins:

WHEREAS, It is estimated that upgrading all of the State’s 90,000 miles of county and town roads to meet the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) minimum standards would cost well over ten billion dollars; and

WHEREAS, There is only about $85 million annually available to all municipalities or all purposes in the NY State Transportation Improvement Fund, and a State imposed tax cap is designed to limit locally financed expenditures on roads and public improvements; and

WHEREAS, There are many rural and remote areas of the State which can be adequately and safely served with minimal road maintenance; and

WHEREAS, Local governments are best able to make determinations about local road maintenance needs and priorities, be it

RESOLVED, That the Town of Champion supports the adoption of state legislation allowing town and county legislative bodies to designate minimum maintenance roads and provide appropriate maintenance to such designated roads as provided for in bills S02265/A01837.


Supervisor Ferguson............aye
Councilman Stewart.............aye

Councilman Watkins............aye

Councilman Buzzell..............absent

Councilman Waite………….aye


Resolution adopted.


            Motion by Mr. Stewart, seconded by Supervisor Ferguson to adjourn.  The meeting adjourned at 7:42pm.



Christina Vargulick
Christina Vargulick

Town Clerk


Regular Meeting

Town of Champion
April 3, 2017


I.         CALL TO ORDER – Pledge of Allegiance

II.              PUBLIC FORUM

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     Planning Board/ZEO
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IV.            TOWN CLERK
     Action: Approve minutes for March 6 and March 17, 2017
            2.     Action: Approve bills for payment

1.     Monthly report
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            NEW BUSINESS
Action: Support designating minimum maintenance roads